Rules of the club

The regulations of the club and its clauses are those formulated by the Barcelona Sports Institute, for the municipal sports centers of the city. These clauses could be reviewed and modified in application of new criteria of the Barcelona Sports Institute.

Entry and exit procedure

They have access to the Claror Sardenya:

• Your subscribers.

• Non-subscribed users who participate in targeted activities.

• The people who make it use punctually paying the entrance.

• People who hire health services.

• Groups that carry out an organized activity.

• Audience attending competitions.

Access to the club is through a digital reader located at the entrance of the club, which gives way to cross the turnstile. The door-cancel is exclusively for people with disabilities, the elderly or people with babies.

Subscriber of Claror Sardenya

• Has a personalized card indispensable to access the club. This card is absolutely non-transferable.

• You must access the club by the digital reader in any of the reception desk. On departure you must do the same operation, also indifferently to any of the tourniquets.

• If the subscriber is enrolled in a certain time zone, the automatic access control allows him to enter and exit 30 minutes before and after his time zone.

• The use of the sports club for more time than allowed gives rise to a supplementary billing.

Non-subscribed users involved in targeted activities

• It has a personalized card in which the hours of the contracted activity are codified.

• The entry and exit procedure will be done by means of the digital digital readers at the receiving turnstiles.

• Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied.

• You can enter the club 30 minutes before the start of the activity and at most 30 minutes after your schedule.

• The dressing room and the space reserved for the contracted activity must be used.

People who make occasional use of the club

Timely tickets :

• They are sold whenever the capacity of the club allows it.

• When paying the corresponding ticket, the payment card is received, together with the excerpt from the access and use regulations of the sports club.

• Customer service personnel will take the personal information of the specific users for security reasons.

• The entrance entitles the free use of sports spaces and assistance to the directed activities included in the season ticket.

• Once the club has been paid, it can not be re-entered with the same ticket.

Rentals :

• The amount corresponding to the reserved space must be paid before entering the club.

• Entry to the club 15 minutes before the start of activity and 30 minutes after finishing it is allowed.

• Only the reserved space can be used.

People who hire health services

• Health services are carried out in a space attached to the club, so it is not necessary to go through the digital readers of the reception.

• The user of this service that is not subscribed can not use the club.

Groups that perform an organized activity

• The person in charge of the group has a card to enter the whole group at the same time by the reception gate door and always have to remain with their players / students.

• The person in charge of the group must deposit a personal identification document with photo and name at reception and in return the key of the dresser is given. The personal card will be recovered by returning the key to the dressing room, at the moment when the whole team leaves the club. Therefore, the key can not be returned if there is any member of the team inside.

• The designated group changing rooms must be used.

• In the case of teams that compete, the training sessions allow the club to enter 15 minutes before the start of the activity and exit 30 minutes after completing it. The day of the competition 45 minutes are allowed before the game begins and the 30 minute is completed.

• In the case of leagues organized by the Claror Sardenya the entry to the club 15 minutes is allowed before the start and 30 minutes must be left after finishing.

• In both cases, the changing rooms must be closed with empty keys and in good condition.

Audience attending competitions

(See Grades section, page 23.)

access for special groups

Users with reduced mobility

• The use of the elevator is limited to people with reduced mobility. The club reserves the right to request the corresponding medical certificate when it deems it appropriate.

• To open the door-cancel the reception, you must use the user card (personal and non-transferable), both for entry and exit.

Children's subscribers

Children subscribers under the age of 12

They can only access the sports club in the following cases:

• Attendance to a supervised course or activity provided they are accompanied by an adult (tutor or club technician).

• That they be accompanied by an adult family subscriber (greater than 18 years), who will be responsible for the minor. Whenever use is made of the club, both must necessarily remain in the same dependencies and / or in the pool where the minor performs the activity.

• From the 7 years they must use the dressing room that corresponds to them by sex.

• In the case of the pavilion and the outer courts, the unattended access to the children subscribers will be allowed as of the 9 years.

Children subscribers under the age of 15

• They have free access to the club every weekday until 20 hours during the school year period. Weekends and summer periods have the only limitation of the opening hours of the club and up to 21 hours, at most.

• You must respect the specific regulations of sports spaces regarding access to children under 15 years.


El Claror Sardenya It has a regulation of use and a disciplinary regime that is applicable to all subscribers and users of the sports club, and to the external users of the club, as well as to all those who access the club of Sporadic way by paying the entrance or rental time.

The interpretation and application or modification of this regulation is authorized by the competent body to monitor the club.

Improper use of the club and breach of the regulation may be the subject of temporary or definitive expulsion. The definitive expulsion must be decided by the competent organ of the club's follow-up.

Administrative processes

Payment of installments

Registration to the club will be formalized at the offices of Claror Sardenya. Receipts will be charged in the first 5 days of each month through bank receipt.

In the event of technical breakdown of a space or service for maintenance and / or adaptation tasks, the user will not be entitled to any financial compensation.

The fees will be reviewed once a year.

Payment of unpaid installments

The return of 2 consecutive domiciled receipts will result in the loss of the subscriber status. To recover it again you have to pay the pending amounts, the refund costs and the registration fees in force.

Modifications and cancellations

Notifications of cancellation and modifications of bank data must be submitted before 25 the previous month. No refund will be made if the cancellation is notified later.

The notification must be done personally or by email, in such a way that the request is registered with the signature of the applicant, who will send a confirmation of the cancellation. Any of these transactions will not be accepted by phone.

The change of quota motivated by the modification of the age bracket will be done automatically, after notification to the interested party.

Temporary losses

The subscriber may request temporary leave due to serious medical reasons or for work transfer, upon submission of the supporting documentation.

The period to enjoy the temporary download will be 2 and 12 minimum. If the cancellation lasts more than 12 months, the justification documentation must be renewed. In no case will a temporary loss be recognized retroactively, or once it has generated an unpaid quota.

In the directed activities, temporary casualties are not carried out.

Medical Review and Home Physical Activity Questionnaire (QIAF)

Sports medical check-up is recommended before starting a physical activity and especially the group of people over 65 years.

All subscribers are obligated to respond to the QIAF and, based on the result, the sports medical check-up will be required before the start of physical activity.

Homemade returns and activities

The 50% of the amount will be returned if the loss communicates 10 days before starting the activity and provided it is due to illness or injury, prior medical justification.

Rental of unpaid spaces

Sports spaces, pavilions and activity halls can be rented by subscribers and non-subscribers according to availability.


In case of loss or deterioration of the proximity card, the duplicate application must be made to the administration of the club and the processing fees must be paid.

In the event of loss of the key of the rental cabinets, the amount to be paid to the administration must be paid.

Suggestions and complaints

Users have a form to submit the suggestions and complaints that they think fit to the club's address, depositing it in the mailbox located at the reception. You will receive an answer within a maximum period of 15 days.

General rules

User definition

A user is understood by any natural or legal person who makes use of it Claror Sardenya, in any modality or discipline, either in a timely or prolonged manner under any of the modalities of use.

Those who stay there will also be obliged to comply with this regulation to participate or witness an event that takes place there.


To acquire the subscriber status, the interested party must make the payment of the corresponding public price and provide the necessary personal data to the administration of the club, to be able to process the registration.

Temporary or Temporary Users

To acquire this condition, you only have to pay the price of the ticket or the installment, and provide the name and official document that accredits you.

Users of Courses and / or Activities

To acquire the status of person enrolled in a course or activity, the corresponding application must be made and the person will be admitted depending on the places provided and by order of registration. When this can not be taken care of due to the lack of availability of places, it will be included in a waiting list in order of presentation, in order to access the course or activity at the moment of vacancy or extension of places , if that is possible.

Clubs, organizations and sports associations

These are legal entities that are legally registered in the Register of sports entities of the Generalitat and / or the Registry of Entities of the City Council of Barcelona.

Educational clubs

Primary and secondary school clubs as well as special schools.


Cultural and / or social associations whose basic purpose is not physico-sports practice or the promotion of physical activity / sport, but which carry out physical and sports activities for their associates and associates, as well as informal groups of Users who request it. The authorization regime for the use of the club will be the one planned for individual users and the managing entity may request the relationship of the people who will use it as members of this group.

Users' rights

• Access to the club and carry out the physical-sports activities during the established schedule and for the purpose for which you certify to be authorized.

• Use the general access services of the club.

• Make complaints, complaints and suggestions regarding the service, following the established procedure and receiving a response from complaints or claims within the period of 15 working days counting from the date of its presentation.

• Request information on the operation of the club, programs and sports activities.

• Exercise the rights of access, rectification and cancellation, in accordance with what is determined by the Organic Law 15 / 1999, December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data.

• Know the characteristics of the club. With this purpose, the Claror Sardenya It will keep updated channels of information relative to its main features.

• Have a regulation of use in the information desk.

Obligations of users of general compliance

• Make good use of sports facilities, respect them and take care of them, as well as furniture and any other elements that have been installed.

• Show staff at the service of the club the authorization to use them, at the time of access and at any time when they request it.

• Collaborate in the maintenance of the cleaning of the club and, to this end, make use of the waste bins and hygiene containers there.

• Respect operating hours.

• Follow the instructions and instructions made by the service personnel.

• It is advisable to inform the club staff about the operating alterations, the malfunctions or the deficiencies in the operation of the club.

• Treat with respect the rest of the users and the personnel that work there.

• Pay on time the rates and / or public prices established for each service or sport space and for each type of use determined.

• Carry out sports practice with the appropriate material and clothing for each type of activity and sports space in accordance with the specific regulations.

• Abandon the club when they have been warned of the breach of the regulations and refuse to rectify their behavior. To this end, the club's staff has the capacity to expel any person or entity that does not comply with the current, general or specific regulations, which are considered as not allowed or as mandatory for each space, in accordance with the This regulation of use and with the rest of legal regulations that are applicable.

• Provide the necessary data to acquire the condition of user of the facilities or the condition of person registered in a course or activity.

• Images or sounds can not be recorded without the authorization of the club's address.

• You can not do training with other people.

• You can not smoke or eat.

• It can not be accessed with glass containers.

• Do not use the mobile inside the sports spaces.

Specific compliance for users belonging to a group

• Designate, in front of him Claror Sardenya In writing, the person representing the entity.

• To subscribe and maintain the validity of the civil liability insurance policies that cover the activities to be carried out and the participants, both practitioners and the public, if applicable.

• Communicate, with the urgent need, any incidence derived from the activities that occur during their stay in the club.

• Use the club for the purpose determined in the use agreement and according to the schedule set forth in the plan of use.

• Respect the number of users according to the communication made at the time of authorization.

• Request express authorization from the Claror Sardenya to modify the conditions of use of the two previous sections.

• Adopt the necessary measures to avoid interfering with the schedules and activities of the other users of the club.

Conditions of access to the club

• To access the club, the user must identify in the way that they are established, and use the access control systems that exist in each club appropriately.

• The opening and closing hours of the club are exposed at the reception.

• Users must adjust to the days and hours of opening and closing of the club and to the days and periods of closure established annually.

• In case of reaching the maximum capacity, the Claror Sardenya reserves the right to close access to the club, spaces or different activities.

• The punctual tickets allow a single access to the club; You will not be able to exit and re-enter once you have accessed the space.

• In the group activities that will be held at the club, the person responsible for the participants will show the person in charge of controlling the access to the club, their DNI or accreditation document, in order to be able to access the changing rooms and the rest of the club, sports spaces. To obtain the keys to the spaces to be used, the responsible person will have to deposit an identifying document, which will be returned once the keys have been delivered at the exit.

Other conditions of access

• The rest of the people who access the club will have to prove by means that their reason for entry in the different spaces is considered sufficient.

• Users will not be able to access the club with vehicles, skateboards, skates, bicycles or the like, nor with any tool or material that is not intended for the sports practice for which they are authorized, except for those who need it for reasons of reduced mobility in attention to their degree of disability.

• Pets are not allowed, except for pig dogs.

General use of spaces and material

Use of spaces

• The distribution of spaces and changing rooms is authorized by the management of the entity. The criteria, as regards the case, are based on rationality and the use of spaces.

• No change can be made in the services and / or spaces that appear in the use plan, if there is no prior authorization from the Claror Sardenya.

• Both users and unrelated entities Claror Sardenya They have rented an installation, they must respect the schedules granted and will not be able to use it outside the authorized time.

• It is not allowed to occupy the spaces where activities are being developed, or interfere with it. Nor is it allowed to occupy free spaces without previous authorization of the people in charge of the club. The free use of the activity halls and multipurpose rooms is not allowed, if it is not activities directed and / or supervised by technical personnel.

• The specific regulations regarding each space and the maximum capacity for each installation must be respected.

Use of sports equipment

• For reasons of hygiene and safety, sports equipment other than the club can not be used, except for what has been supervised and authorized by the space manager.

• Users are responsible for the sports equipment they use, and will have to return it to their site once they have used it.

• Each entity is responsible for the material that you use. Likewise, the entities must respect the order of the stores of the sports equipment and have it ordered and stored in the space assigned.

• The coach or the person responsible for each entity must take control of the material used for the activities. It will also be responsible for the installation, material and sports spaces used to be reused once the activity has finished.

• Any damage caused to the installation or material due to misuse will be the responsibility of the person who caused it and, in the alternative, of the entity to which it belongs, if that person is using the installation, as a member of a group. The repair costs will be charged by the responsible party.

Guidelines for general behavior

• Users will maintain the cleanliness and order of all the installation, equipment and sports equipment, as well as respectful behavior towards staff and other users.

• Ensuring that all the elements of the club and the specific rules of use are respected to the fullest: make good use of the bins, leave the changing rooms in good condition for the rest of users, etc.

• The rules and advice of club staff must be respected.

• In general, no action is allowed to alter public order or the normal and peaceful coexistence of users.

• For the use of the club, users are obligated to change street shoes and wear exclusive shoes suitable for sporting activities, as well as wear sportswear. You can not do physical activity with street clothes.

• Always use changing rooms to change clothes.

It is not allowed to do so in any other club unit.

• It is advised not to bring valuable objects to the club, since the management is not responsible for lost or forgotten objects.

Healthy behavioral guidelines

• A previous medical check is recommended if you wish to start a sporting activity. In any case, it will be the sole responsibility of the user for any type of incident that may arise due to health reasons, either due to ignorance of a possible illness or to an over-exertion during sports practice.

• When registering with the club, it is mandatory to answer the Home Physical Activity Questionnaire. In the event that one of the questions in the questionnaire is answered in the affirmative, it will be necessary to pass a mandatory medical check with the entity's doctor. This review will be free and will be used to guide the new subscriber on the type of activity that best suits your needs.

• El Claror Sardenya It puts at the disposal of the users, throughout the period of opening of the club, technical personnel that can advise them on the best way to do physical activity.

• It is advisable to make adequate heating before starting physical activity and when finished, do stretching and relaxation exercises to return to the calm before going to the shower. In any case, it will be the sole responsibility of the user any type of injury caused by a bad practice.

• During the sessions, it is advisable to moisturize drinking, often, small amounts of water.

• It is advisable not to eat from two hours before exercising.

• At the supervised sessions, you must follow the advice of the technical staff and consult any doubt you may have.

Organization and programming of activities

• El Claror Sardenya will make public, for each space, the schedule of activities programmed in accordance with the use plan and it will be obligatory to respect it.

• El Claror Sardenya By means of the management of the club, it reserves the right to modify and / or cancel the use hours of the club and specific spaces when circumstances so require. All activities will begin and end according to the scheduled time and will not be allowed to be extended if, for any incident, the activity has begun later.

• Access to the directed sessions must be at the indicated time. After 5 minutes from the beginning of the session, access will not be allowed.

• It is not allowed in any case, to carry out particular courses or technical advice at a particular level in the club, except for the personal coaching service of the club.

Lost objects

• El Claror Sardenya It is not responsible for the objects deposited in the cabinets, nor is it responsible for lost or forgotten objects to the club.

• Lost items that could be collected will be available to users for 15 days. After this deadline, the club manager will destroy or give them to non-governmental organizations.

• Soaps, body creams, or underwear will not be picked up or stored.


The use of the cabinets is a service offered by the Claror Sardenya so that the users of the club can keep their personal effects while performing physical-sports activity. In no case is a slogan service. There are two types of cabinets:

Punctual cupboards

Available to users on a temporary basis, using a padlock.

• When finalizing the activity or the stay in the club, the user will have to leave the cupboard free, empty and clean.

• Every day, at the end of the opening hours of the club, the responsible personnel will evacuate the lockers that are not free and the objects that will have them become the condition of lost objects. He Claror Sardenya He will not take over the broken padlock to release the cabinet.

Wardrobes for rent

These are the ones that users can rent for a certain period of time, prior payment of the corresponding fee, and are for their own use during this period.

General recommendations

• You must store your bag, clothing and shoes inside the cabinet. For hygienic reasons, shoes should be kept protected with a plastic bag.

• Lockers work with padlock. Each user must have their padlock.

• It is recommended: not to leave valuable objects, because the Claror Sardenya You will not be responsible for the content in case of loss or loss.

El Claror Sardenya reserves the right to check the content of all the cabinets when deemed appropriate for reasons of security of the club and of the rest of users or when it is presumed, based on its undue use.

Informative and website boards Claror Sardenya

Information panels, televisions and the web are the spaces for the dissemination and communication of the operation of the Claror Sardenya and of the activities that take place there.

The people in charge of the club will manage the contents of the web and the different informative panels and for this purpose they will determine the criteria of use and the allocation of these, and will be able to do any type of modification according to the existing needs.

It is not allowed to place any communication, dissemination, poster or advertising element outside the appropriate spaces and assigned in each panel without the authorization of those responsible for the club.

Protection of the image itself

For the purposes of the 10 / 1995 Organic Law of November 23, of civil protection of honor, intimacy and the image itself, the recording of images (photographs, films ...) of any type is They will deal with the following way:

• El Claror SardenyaIn order to guarantee the user's interests, it is established that recording of images or sound will not be possible, in the sports and complementary spaces closed to the public, as a general rule.

• In the case of specific recording requirements within the enclosed sports spaces, a written request must be made that will be accompanied by the authorization of the person to be registered or of their guardian. The request will include the wish not to upload or publish the images in case other people who have not given their express authorization for the filming leave.

• In the case of open sports spaces Claror Sardenya, the informative character of the norm will be fomented and exempts of the existing responsibility between users.

• Regarding the open-door activities carried out at the club, the users will be informed, since in this case it will work as an open space.

Spaces regulations

Club Management will guarantee all users:

• The correct maintenance of spaces, equipment and sports equipment.

• The presence of sports technicians and lifeguards permanently in the fitness room and swimming pool, respectively.

• The advice and tracking service to subscribers.

• Punctuality and quality at the start of the directed activities.


The room technician will limit or prohibit the realization of those exercises that it deems to be inappropriate, dangerous or doubtful that they affect the user's or other users' own security, or may impair equipment or material.

It is not allowed to offer or receive services by technicians outside the Claror Clubs at the club facilities


Feiners: from 7 to 23.30h.

Saturdays: from 8 to 20.30h, except for July when the time is from 8 to 14.30h and from 17 to 20.30h and in August it is from 9 to 14.30h.

Sundays and holidays: from 8 to 14.30h, except for July when the time is from 9 to 14.30h. In August it is closed.

Special dates:

The club only closes 1 and 6 in January, 1 in May, 11 in September, 25 and 26 in December. And on Sundays and holidays in August.

The club closes at 21 hours on 5 days in January, 23 in June, 24 and 31 in December (if they are workable).

Is not allowed:

• Access the fitness room to people under the age of 15. People with 15 years will only be able to use cardiovascular machines, and always with the supervision of a technician.

• Do not pay attention to the advice of the technicians, nor of the rules of the room.

• Enter backpacks or bags in the room.

• Bring water or drinks in containers that are not hermetic and can be broken.

• Monopolize the different stations, or save a batch.

• Exceed from marked work time on cardiovascular machines.

• Use cycle-indoor shoes.

It is mandatory:

• Follow the instructions of the room's technicians and respect the specific regulations.

• Wear a towel for use on machines or mattresses. And, for hygiene reasons, wipe the machine when it has been used.

• Wear suitable sports clothing and footwear. It is not considered to be, among others: flip-flops, platform shoes, swimsuits or jeans. You can not enter with the naked torso.

• Give up the use of the device when a recovery pause is made between series.

• Return to the site the material that has been used, in order to facilitate its use to the rest of the users of the room.

It is recommended:

• Do a general warming, with aerobic exercises and stretching for 10-15 minutes.

• Consult the technical staff of the room to advise on the appropriate work according to the objectives and needs of each one, or to clarify any doubt related to the healthy practice and responsible for physical exercise.

• Take care of the material avoiding sudden movements, scratching the plates or dropping the weights to the floor. Using the material with measurement and correction facilitates the work and well-being of everyone.

Guided activities rooms


Depending on the program of activities.

Is not allowed:

• Access to activities for children under 13 years. Users of 13 at 15 years may only participate in authorized activities. You can request the quadrant for these activities at the club reception. Users over the age of 15 will have free access to all activities included in the subscription fee.

• Access the room after 5 minutes from the start of the activity or when the maximum capacity has been reached. Each of the activities has a maximum number of places depending on the capacity of the classroom and the teaching quality. The access to each activity will be done by rigorous order of arrival and it is not allowed to save a batch.

• Repeat an activity if there are no vacancies.

• The individual or collective use without the presence of a technician.

It is mandatory:

• Wear appropriate sports clothing to do the directed activities. The tooth must be covered and the slippers can not come from the street. Shoes with platform are not recommended. It is recommended: wear comfortable clothes if the activity to do so requires it. Footwear with saddle is prohibited.

• Carry a hand towel to put on the handles, in case they are used.

• Water or drink in hermetic and unbreakable containers.

• Return to the site the material that has been used.

• Leave any backpack or bag outside or inside the room.

It is recommended:

• Follow the instructions of the technical staff and inform him of any injury, pain, illness or doubt that we may have in relation to the activity we do.

• Ensure that the level of difficulty of the session is appropriate to the current level and physical condition.

• Make the sessions until the end, avoiding the work of stretching and relaxation.

• Hydrate during the time dedicated to sports practice.



What is established in the program of activities.

Is not allowed:

• Access to activity for children under 13 years.

• 13 users at 15 years may only participate in the authorized cycle classes indoor and under the supervision of the technician.

• Access the room after 5 minutes from the start of the activity or when the maximum capacity has been reached.

• Repeat an activity if there are no vacancies.

• The free use of bicycles when there is no scheduled activity without the authorization of the technician.

It is mandatory:

• Durable sports clothing suitable for doing the activity. The tooth must be covered and the slippers can not come from the street. The shoes with platform or with very thin sole are discouraged.

• Carry out a hand towel to dry your sweat.

• Clean the sweat of bicycles and land.

• Loosen the snails of the seat and the handlebars when the activity is finished.

• Water or drink in hermetic and unbreakable containers.

• Leave any backpack or bag outside or inside the room.

It is recommended:

• Follow the instructions of the technical staff and inform him of any injury, pain, illness or doubt that we may have in relation to the activity we do.

• Adjust the bicycles to the elongation of our limbs.

• Make the sessions until the end, avoiding the work of stretching and relaxation.

• Moisturize continuously, even before having a thirsty sensation.


It is the exclusive faculty of the entity to regulate the comfort parameters of these spaces.


Large pool:

• There will always be a minimum of 3 streets for free use during the opening hours of this space, which are those specified below.

• Feiners: from 7.00 to 23.30h.

• Saturdays from 8.00 to 20.30h, except for July when the time is from 08.00 to 14.30 and from 17.00 to 20.30h and in August it is from 09.00 to 14.30h.

• Sundays and holidays from 08.00 to 14.30h, except for July when the time is from 09.00 to 14.30h. In August it is closed.

• The pool will close at 20.30h on 5 days in January, 23 in June and 24 and 31 in December (if they are workable).

Small pool

• Check the hours corresponding to each season.

Is not allowed:

• Enter only minors of 12 years, who must do so accompanied by an adult who is responsible, except if they participate in a course. The adult will have to be in the same space as the child and will look after their good behavior. An adult can access with a maximum of 2 minors.

• People over the age of 12 can do free swimming if they pass a level test performed by the lifeguard.

• Access to children of 2 months, due to health issues.

• Access or subtract into the space of a pool dressed in street or with street footwear.

• Access with bags, backpacks or any external material.

• Use any type of soap or creams in pool showers and common water areas.

• Do any dangerous activity or games that involve physical risk.

• The practice of free apnea.

• The use of pool material without permission. It is the responsibility of the subscriber to return to the site the material used.

• Donate or rely on cork oaks.

• The use of easily removable glasses or glassware.

• Smoking or eating in the beach area of ​​the pool.

• The use of recreational and / or inflatable floats.

• Make use of the pool to anyone who has an open wound and / or infectious disease.

• Do any type of jewelry or jewelry while resting on the pool enclosure. In case of loss or deterioration, the installation is not responsible for any type of object, as well as representing a risk of injury to the user that carries them and for the rest.

It is mandatory:

• Continue at all times the indications of technicians and lifeguards.

• Wear clean rubber slippers, bath cap and swimsuit. It is prohibited to wear underwear under the swimsuit.

• Shower before entering the pool.

• Follow the direction of the swimming track, swinging to the right of the lane and leaving the left side free.

• Pool users must respect the spaces for the different activities and the slow, medium or fast lane indicating posters.

• Any user of the pool with any dysfunction, injury, heart disease or epileptic type, should not come alone and must notify the technician or lifeguard before entering the water.

• Let babies enter the water with special diapers.



• Feiners: from 7.00 to 23.30h.

• Saturdays from 8.00 to 20.30h, except for July when the time is from 08.00 to 14.30 and from 17.00 to 20.30h and in August it is from 09.00 to 14.30h.

• Sundays and holidays from 08.00 to 14.30h, except for July when the time is from 09.00 to 14.30h. In August it is closed.

• Hydromassage will close at 20.30h on 5 days in January, 23 in June and 24 and 31 in December (if they are workable).

It is mandatory:

• Fulfill the advice and advice of the technicians.

• Dur hood and swimsuit.

• Before entering the water it is obligatory to take a shower.

• That users who suffer or have had a heart, respiratory, epileptic, infectious-contagious or other type of disease, should consult with their doctor before using these services.

• Since it is a relaxation area, do not disturb or disturb other users.

Is not allowed:

• Use any kind of soap, gel or creams.

• You are not allowed to access minors of 16 years.

• For people who suffer from infectious diseases or haemorrhages of any kind.

It is recommended:

• Use hydromassage for all people suffering from rheumatism, mild colds, fatigue and stress.

• It is not recommended to have more than 10 minutes, and under no circumstances can 20 minutes be exceeded.

• Rest a few minutes away from the hydromassage after use.

• Consult the pool lifeguard in case of doubt.

It is contraindicated

• For people with severe arterial hypertension or hypotension.

• For people who suffer from diabetes.

• For pregnancy and for people with varicose veins.

• In the case of fulfilling any of the aforementioned conditions and it is

I would like to make use of the space should consult with your doctor.

Saunas and steam baths

It is the exclusive faculty of the entity to regulate the comfort parameters of these spaces.


• Feiners: from 7.00 to 23.30h.

• Saturdays from 8.00 to 20.30h, except for July when the time is from 08.00 to 14.30 and from 17.00 to 20.30h and in August it is from 09.00 to 14.30h.

• Sundays and holidays from 08.00 to 14.30h, except for July when the time is from 09.00 to 14.30h. In August it is closed.

• Saunas and steam baths will be closed at 20.30h on 5 days in January, 23 in June and 24 and 31 in December (if they are workable).

It is mandatory:

• Fulfill the advice and advice of the technicians.

• In the sauna and steam room, clean slippers, swimsuits and towels must be worn to prevent direct contact with the rest elements.

• Before showering, it is obligatory to shower.

• Since it is a relaxation area, do not disturb or disturb other users.

Is not allowed:

• Use any type of soap, gel or creams in the sauna, steam bath and the rest area. The use of crumb gloves or other exfoliation elements is also prohibited. As well as shave or shave in these areas.

• Go up to the banks with slippers.

• It is absolutely prohibited to pour water into the dry sauna and steam bath.

• Access to minors of 16 years.

• Smoking or eating.

• Carry jewelry or metal objects for the risk of burns.

• For people with problems with varicose veins, high blood pressure, heart problems, pressure disorders, epilepsy, hyperthyroidism, diabetes, acute infections, renal insufficiency, severe bronchial disease, edema, anemia, dermatitis or vasodilatation problems.

It is contraindicated

• For pregnancy or for people who want to stay in a state.

• Women with menstruation.

• Enter the sauna with great appetite or with a very full stomach.

• Enter a state of heavy exhaustion.

• For people who have been recently operated.

• In the case of fulfilling any of the aforementioned conditions and wishing to use the space, a doctor should be consulted.

It is recommended:

• Consult the technical personnel of the pool in case of doubt.

• It is advisable to moisturize during the previous moments or immediately after enjoying the saunas, as long as the container is not of glass and use the containers and wraps accurately.

• It is not recommended to have more than 10 minutes, and under no circumstances can 20 minutes be exceeded.

• We recommend that, in the event of any sign or symptom of malfunction, immediately notify the club staff.

Dressing rooms

• There are 6 main dressing rooms, male 3 and 3 women, exclusively for subscribers throughout the opening hours of the club with the exception of the weekly schedule dedicated to preventive maintenance. Check the schedules.

• You must check the availability of the rest of the changing rooms.

The distribution of changing rooms is exclusively authorized by club management. The criteria are based on rationality and the proper use of spaces.

Club Management will guarantee all users:

• Daily cleaning and disinfection service.

• Locksmiths to place clothes and personal belongings.

• Hair dryers.

• Showers, toilets and changing rooms adapted to people with reduced mobility.

It is mandatory:

• Ensure good maintenance and leave them in good condition for later users.

• Shower in the strictly necessary time and make responsible water consumption.

• Make use of the space in the area of ​​showers to dry out, as well as to drain the bathroom equipment.

• Store all the belongings in the closet, even when it is in the shower area. For your safety, do not deposit valuables in the closet.

• Leave the cabinet free when you leave the installation. Each night will proceed to empty them to clean them. The objects that remain will be under the custody of Customer Service and the owners will have a month to collect them.

• That the minors of 7 years change with their companion and in the same dressing room.

Is not allowed:

• Eat or smoke.

• Introduce objects of glass or any other material that may explode or break into small pieces.

• Practices that affect healthiness such as shaving, shaving, dyeing, manicure or pedicure, etc.

• Wash slippers, swimsuits or any type of clothing for hygiene purposes.

• Leave containers, wraps, soap residues or any other object on the floor of the showers.

• Enter the baby strollers in the changing rooms. There are parking areas for bunkers.

• Use more than one closet per person.

It remembers:

• It is recommended to use shower slippers.

• Once you have used the cabinet, remember to leave the door closed in order to avoid accidents.

• Lockers have a locking system with lock. The padlocks are personal and can be rented or purchased at the reception.

• El Claror Sardenya He is not responsible for the items deposited in the changing rooms and cabinets. The personal objects found within the club will be available to subscribers in the customer service area for a period of 15 days. After this period they will be delivered to a charity for their use.

• The children of 7 years onwards who participate in free activities accompanied by an adult, will have to change in the dressing room corresponding to their sex.

Wellness and health space

Well-being and health services are not included in the subscriber's fee.

The health service tickets, punctual or multipurpose, will be paid at the club's reception prior to the provision of services.

The day and time of each service must be arranged beforehand, either at the club's reception or directly at the Health Area. You can also hire the specialist directly after each service.

Health tickets will expire one year from the date of purchase.

It is mandatory:

• Ask for an hour in advance to the Service of Attention to the User or to the Area of ​​Health.

• Pay the service in advance.

• Be on time and reach the requested time. The service will not be made after 10 minutes of the concerted time.

• Notify with a minimum of 48h in advance if you can not attend the reserved time. In this case, it may be re-arranged day and time without charge. If you cancel with less than 48h, the user will only be able to recover the 50% of the rate. If you do not attend and have not notified, no return will be made.

It is recommended:

• Take care of body hygiene.

• In the first visits in the Health Services, carry out all those medical reports, x-rays, analysis of the injury or discomfort that are considered appropriate to provide a better service.


The schedule is determined according to the program of activities.

The use of Pavilion and Exit Pools spaces will have a differentiated use rule based on the type of user that uses it.

Users have the right to:

• Reserve the pavilion / track to be able to use it, in accordance with the available schedules for this purpose.

• The correct maintenance of the spaces as well as the sports equipment and equipment.

Training and competitions

All those teams belonging to clubs or entities that have an agreement for use on specific days and hours with it Claror Sardenya.

It is mandatory:

• Make the preparatory session with a technical manager of the club or entity

• The club or user entity of the club must ensure that the performances of the attending public in the competitions or training sessions, as well as that of their athletes, follow this regulation, and will prevent any damage to the pavement or the rest of the equipment

• Carry appropriate footwear and clothing (sports) for both athletes and technicians.

• Respect the rules of internal operation.

Is not allowed:

• Use other cabinets, cages, spaces or information panels that are designated by the club.

• Smoking, eating or drinking drinks and eating chewing gums inside the track and nearby areas, as well as using abrasive substances, such as alcohol, solvents, etc.

• That the companions are in the track or in the corridors during the period that the activity lasts.

• The use of the PA system without the club's permission.

• The use of the pavilion outside the hours determined for them.

It remembers:

• If you notice any inconvenience, stop the activity and notify the technician.

• The club's management can modify the number and order of the sessions and schedules thereof, when it deems it appropriate for the needs of the service.

• The club's maintenance staff will be responsible for the preparation of the pavilion for carrying out the activities included in the quadrant. In these activities, the club's own sports equipment will be used.

• In the sports activities organized by the club, the particular rules of the game and the basic rules of net play behavior must be respected.


The subscribers over the age of 9 accompanied by children can use these spaces individually to play basketball and badminton, according to the available schedules published on the grid of activities and on the web, which can be modified for the needs of the club.

It is mandatory:

• Use sportswear and sports shoes with a clean sole.

Is not allowed:

• Do any collective sport without reserving a track.

• Move the goalkeys, handle the curtains or basketball baskets without the authorization of the club staff.

Rents of spaces

It is mandatory:

• Make the reservation at the Customer Service Department.

• The head of the group must be presented to the Customer Service personnel.

• Make the payment of the stipulated fee.

• Use sportswear and sports shoes with a clean sole.

Is not allowed:

• Move the goalkeys, handle the curtains or basketball baskets without the authorization of the club staff.


Viewers and companions will only be able to access the assigned spaces. He Claror Sardenya It is not responsible for lost or forgotten objects in the club. Lost items will be kept at the club's reception for a period of 15 days; After this deadline they will be delivered to organizations or charities.

It is mandatory:

• Respect and follow the instructions and advice of the club staff.

• Have a civic and respectful behavior towards club staff, players, referees and the rest of the public.

• That the drinks used are in plastic containers, hermetic and unbreakable.

Is not allowed:

• Smoking the club.

• Eat in the stands, including all kinds of sweets or nuts.

• Enter glass bottles.

• Enter the swimsuit or go with the naked torso.

• L # 8217; entrance of vehicles, skates, skateboards, bicycles and animals.

• Make use of stairs or passageways as seats.

• Stay in the passage areas.

• Warm up, run or play with balls since the grade space is not an area adapted for these functions.


In practice:

• You can not call people who are doing an activity, the tone of voice in this space should be the normal of a conversation in order not to disturb the users who carry out the activities.

During the matches:

• Respect the opposing team / player

• Animate your team / player

• Be a good host

• Respect the referee's decisions

• With children remember to encourage participation, effort, ... towards victory, defeat ...

Social space

El Claror Sardenya It has a social space for the use of subscribers where you can read the daily press or buy drinks or certain foods on vending machines.

• You must leave the tables and chairs straight away as well as deposit the possible waste in the bins that are in this space.

• Since it is a relaxation area, do not disturb or disturb other users.

Breach of the regulations and sanctions

Failure to comply with the conditions of use set forth in this regulation constitutes a breach. Breaches will be classified as minor, serious and very serious.

1. Minor breaches

1.1 Do not adjust to the conditions included in the Regulations regarding the proper use of facilities, furniture, etc., when they do not cause damage to them, which do not represent ill treatment, or lack of respect for people, or impersonation of other people

1.2 Not complying with the club's use plan and / or operating schedule.

1.3 Do not follow the instructions and instructions of the service personnel regarding the correct use of the club and the operation of the activities.

1.4 Do not adjust to the conditions established as mandatory in the specific regulations of use of the different sports spaces and elements of the club.

1.5 The rest of the conditions of use contained in the present Regulations and that are not classified as serious or very serious breaches.

1.6 The recidivism of three minor offenses for one year will lead to a serious foul.

2. Serious breaches

2.1 Do not adjust to the conditions included in the Regulations regarding sports spaces, the good use of the club, furniture, etc., when they involve damage to them.

2.2 Incertidum behavior with respect to other users and / or personnel that serve the club.

2.3 Refuse to leave the club, when required by the staff, for not complying with the regulations and in case of emergency and / or drilling.

2.4 Use the club, individually, for purposes other than those for which the authorization has been granted.

2.5 Do not adjust to the use plan and / or the operating hours of the club when it affects the rest of the users or the service.

2.6 Use the club by a group of people with different people and / or activities other than those that appear in the relationship that those responsible for the club have.

2.7 Access the club without authorization or with the accreditation of another person.

2.8 Do not adjust to the rules of access for minors to the club.

2.9 The breaches that cause serious damage to the club, serious harm to other users or seriously disturb the running of the services and that are not described as very serious.

2.10 Recidivism in minor breaches will also be considered as gross non-compliance.

2.11 The recidivism of three serious offenses for one year will lead to a very serious foul.

3. Very serious misconduct

3.1 Provide insults, threats and / or aggressions to other users and / or personnel who serve in the club.

3.2 Use the club for collective activities other than those for which authorization has been granted.

3.3 Use sports facilities for purposes other than sports, without the corresponding authorization.

3.4 Perform prohibited activities in these regulations when these are likely to generate economic performance.

3.5 The breaches when they cause serious damage to the facilities, serious damage to other users or seriously disrupt the progress of the services.

3.6 Recidivism in serious breaches will be considered a very serious breach.

4. Measures to apply for breach of the conditions of use, competition in the application and prescription thereof.

4.1. Do not adjust to the conditions of use of the Claror Sardenya by the user will entail the adoption of the following measures:

4.1.1 Mild offenses: written communication, temporary expulsion of the club for a period of one day to a month.

4.1.2 Serious breaches: written communication, suspension of the right to entry to the club for a period of one month up to one year.

4.1.3 Very serious misconduct: suspension of the user's condition, for a period of one year up to five years, as well as to compensate for the economic damages generated by the club.

4.2 The expulsion of the club or any other measure aimed at guaranteeing security and order in the Service may be agreed upon by any of the people in charge of the club or by any worker, in case of their absence, notwithstanding the power propose to the club director the adoption of the other measures provided in this article. The expulsion of the club will be immediate and its duration will affect the rest of the day in which the fact that motivates the application of this measure occurs.

4.3 The suspension of the right to entry to the club may be agreed upon by the director, in the first instance, if the conditions of use set forth in sections b of article 1 are not adjusted, and subsequently by the Board of Directors, Equipment, in second instance.

4.4 The club director will resolve to impose any of the aforementioned measures, given the previous report of the workers and / or responsible for the area. The affected person will have the possibility to plead the arguments that he considers appropriate and to provide evidence in his defense at the previous hearing that will be done, without prejudice to other actions and proceedings that he deems appropriate. Against the decision of the director of the club, ordinary appeal may be filed with the director or the Board of Directors of Claror Sardenya.

4.5 The duration of the applicable measure will be determined, in accordance with the principle of proportionality, taking into account the intentionality of the interested party, the nature of the damages caused, the reiteration and the recidivism.

4.6 The club's director will be able to arbitrate the necessary precautionary measures to guarantee the fulfillment of the conditions of use of the club without prejudice to the responsibility of the responsible ones and, in any case, they will have to be confirmed by it.

4.7 The measures provided for in this article will be applied without prejudice to the corresponding disciplinary, civil or criminal actions in accordance with current legislation.

4.8 The City Council of Barcelona and the board of the Claror Sardenya It will be informed of the sanctions that are imposed on possible violators of the use regulations.

5. Responsibilities

They will be directly responsible for the infractions to this Regulation:

5.1 The material authors of the offenses, either by action or by default, except for those who are under age or who have a legal cause of unfitness in them. In this case, the parents, guardians or people who hold custody or legal guard will be answered.

5.2 The entities or persons responsible for the user, when the offender conducts the activity as part of a group, will also be responsible for the infringements that the person performs.

5.3 Persons holding authorization or licenses, when, on the occasion of the exercise of a right granted to them, commit one of the offenses specified in this Regulations.

5.4 The declaration of liability for infringement and the application of the corresponding measure will not, in any case, prevent the obligation to indemnify the damages caused.

6. Guarantees and deadlines

6.1 Sanctions can not be imposed without prior instruction of a file.

6.2 The club's governing body will be the club's governing body to initiate the trade file.

6.3 In the event of misdemeanors susceptible to being considered minor, he will listen and, he will write a report that will detail the assumption of the fact and the resolution of the file, within a maximum period of 10 days.

6.4 In the case of fouls likely to be considered serious or very serious, it will be the Technical Management Committee of the club that will initiate the actions that are deemed pertinent: elaboration of the bill of charges or the proposal of omission, always with the hearing prior to the accused, and in case these are minors of parents or legal representatives or their coaches, who may submit the allegations, justifications and evidence they deem appropriate.

6.5 Exceptionally and when they are necessary to ensure the normal development of the activities or in the event that serious damages can be deduced, as a precautionary measure, when initiating a sanctioning file or at any time during instruction, it may be agreed upon the suspension of the attendance the training or parties or the access to the club for a period not superior to the one of the resolution of the file.

6.6 The resolution of the file must be produced within a maximum period of one month from the date of its start. Unless justified causes determined by the complexity of the instruction so require. Subsequently, it will be ratified by the Monitoring / Equipment Commission.

6.7 Notification of the resolutions to the interested parties will be made in writing by hand or by certified mail or electronic mail.

6.8 Against this resolution, a possible appeal can be lodged within fifteen days before the same body that issued it or, directly, a resource of height, which exhausts the administrative channel, before the competent Council. With the warning that against the resolution of this last appeal, it is only possible to file a contentious administrative appeal before the Administrative Contentious Courts within two months, both from the day after the receipt of its notification.

For a better operation of the club we would appreciate that:

• Follow the instructions of the club's employees at all times.

• Respect the environment: both the intimacy of others and the space that you occupy.

• Throw the empty containers into the trash.

• Leave the space you have occupied as you would like to find it.

• In all cases, it must be respectful. Talking too high or making noise will cause discomfort and lack of concentration in others and yourselves.

• Keep the club clean and in good condition.

• If you detect any damage to the club, notify the reception.

Thank you very much, your collaboration is basic for the smooth running of the Claror Sardenya.

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