Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQs)


Whenever you come you have to bring it card or bracelet to access the club.

If you made thehigh on-line We will give you the card or the bracelet the first day you come.

Remember to bring it DNI and one Bank receipt You certify your ownership in order to formalize payment domicile.

If you made thehigh to club You do not have to bring any other document the first day you are going to train.

If you go to the pool and spa area You will have to carry towel, flip-flops and bath hood.

If you go to the fitness or to do sports activities, medium towel to put on machines or mattresses, sports shoes, sportswear and water.

To leave the belongings in the closet dressing rooms you will need a padlock We recommend that it be 7 mm in diameter and numerical combination.

Some of these items can be purchased directly at the club and at a modest price. Check all products download here and to the reception.


What are the prices and payment methods?

Check all the current modalities and offers by clicking download here.

What do I have to do to register as a subscriber?

You can do thehigh on-line, without queues or waiting, or in person at the club.

What documents do you need to register as a subscriber?

The NIF / NIE and a bank receipt that certifies your ownership. If you have done high on-line, take them the first day.

Children pay?

Up to 6 years they can enter for free. After 7 years, they can enter by buying a specific ticket or taking part in the child's allowance, and you can also hire a family allowance. We remind you that until the 12 years they must always be accompanied by an adult.

Can I test the club one day?

You can do this by acquiring a timely entry at the club reception. Read the next point and make sure you take it all before you come. The sale of specific tickets is subject to the capacity of the premises, and at some times of the year with the most influx of our subscribers can be suspended.

What activities and services are included in the quota?

You can make free use of the sports spaces, enjoy the sessions of the grid of activities, receive personalized technical advice, do a medical consultation exercise prescription and get discounts at the time of shopping and shopping Claror Club and in the seasonal activities.

Are there other activities and services additional to the monthly fee?

We offer a wide range of additional services that include access to the Maritime Spa, personal training sessions, sports physiotherapy, massages, learning courses, team sports, balls, etc. You have all the information download here.

What is the Fit12 Plan?

Discover all the advantages of the Fit12 Plan download here, and without permanences.

I'm paid and I want to go to the Fit12 Plan

It's very easy, you just have to go through reception, we'll do it at a moment and you give us a gift.

How do I process a data change?

Send us an email to with the changes. If the change is bank account you must do so in person at the reception, with a receipt that certifies your ownership.

If the change is a form of payment, it must be notified before 25 day of the previous month.

What is Claror Club?

If you are already a part of the Claror Club and with your card you have plenty of advantages and discounts for leisure and shopping. Check all the benefits download here.


I received an invitation to the club, how can I use it?

If you have an invitation to enjoy the club use it while it is valid. To use the invitation, it is essential that you identify yourself with your DNI or similar and fill out an access form.

What happens if I leave my card or the bracelet at home?

You need to go to the reception, where you will be identified as a subscriber.

Should I reserve a place in a grill activity?

In some grid-directed activities, you must take the tickets to the reservation bookstores of the 30 minutes before each session begins. See what activities in the club.

How can I sign up for an activity or make a change?

You can check the whole range of activities and schedules download here. To sign up or change your activity / schedule, go to the reception. If you sign up and you are not yet paid, you must bring your NIF / NIE and a bank receipt that certifies your ownership.

Which technicians do the classes of activities?

Get to know all our technical and health team download here.

Will I have some kind of help when I start doing physical activity at the club?

Yes, all new additions are entitled to a personalized technical advice session, the Activa't program, by a fitness expert. It includes an interview with the expert technician, a functional assessment and the delivery of the first personalized training program, which will be periodically tracked to help you achieve your goals.

Do I have to book the active?

You do not need to, you can ask directly to the room or pool technician.

Should the technician know who is the first time I attend the class?

Our technicians usually ask at the beginning of each class if there is someone new to provide special attention. Do not hesitate to comment on the technician and share any relevant information about your health status or how to feel more comfortable in the class.

Can I hire a personal trainer?

Among our team of sports professionals there are personal trainers that can help you achieve your personal goals. You can check our technical team download here. In this page You have all the available modalities.

Do homes and sports campuses for children and young people?

During school vacation periods (Christmas, Easter and summer), we do sports and leisure activities for children and young people. When the dates are approaching, consult the entire offer download here.

How do I book a health and wellness service?

Check the entire offer download here. You can make the reservation in person at the club, by phone at 93 476 13 90 or in the mail We remind you that the services must be paid at the time of reservation.

How can I cancel a reservation for a health service?

If you notify with a minimum of 48 hours, you can arrange a day and hour without any charge. If you cancel with less than 48 hours, you will have the right to return the 50% of the amount. If you do not attend there, no return is made.

If I am a subscriber to it Claror SardenyaCan I use another Claror club?

If you have purchased the Total Pass fee you can freely access the Claror Cartagena (Cartagena / 231-239). If you want to use any of the others clubs From the group to Barcelona, ​​you can buy a specific ticket with the 20% discount.

You can also hire the Sea Quota for only € 25 per month, and you will have access to the Claror Marítim, including the Maritime Spa (exclusive for subscribers over 16 years in Total and Family).


What are the schedules of the club?

In aquest page You will be able to check the usual hours, special schedules, closing dates and free swimming schedules in the pools.

Are there cabinets to store my personal belongings?

You will always have at your disposal a cupboard for occasional use in the changing room, which will have to leave empty once you leave the club. We inform you that every night the cabinets are empty. You will need a padlock; We recommend that it be 7 mm in diameter and numerical combination. You can also rent a cabinet for your exclusive use by paying a monthly rent. Ask at the club reception.

What products can I buy at the club?

At the reception and the vending machine of the club you will find some items for sale and sports equipment. Check all products download here and to the reception.

Can I rent any club space?

Check the spaces and prices download here.

How will you contact me?

With the aim of making a more sustainable office, we work so that all communication with customers is done through email. That is why it is important that we have your updated email address.

Where can I find the club's rules?

Check all the rules of access and use of the club download here.

Is the club adapted?

Yes, all spaces are accessible for people with reduced mobility.

I want to work with you

Click here enllaç and enter your information. Remember to review your file every 6 months.

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