Enjoy the most modern fitness room in Catalonia

Claror Sardenya It revolutionizes the concept of training in the fitness room and does it with state-of-the-art machines of the prestigious Technogym brand where the game and the functional training will be the protagonists.

New fitness room

SKILLMILL ™ (Functional Training)

Conceived thanks to the long experience of Technogym as the official supplier of gym equipment of the Olympic Games, SKILLMILL ™. It is the first product that will allow you to improve on power, speed, stamina and agility, and enjoy the benefits of professional sports training in a safe, attractive and effective way. You can train all the body's energy systems and become an elite athlete.
3 Skillmill Connect tapes

SKILLROW ™ (Functional Training)

SKILLROW ™ is the first fully connected indoor rowing team for cardio and resistance training that, thanks to its specific design for sport, its exclusive technology and performance-oriented training, offers a level training of elite athletes.
9 Rems Skillrow

TEAMBEATS ™ (Functional Training)

TEAMBEATS ™ is a heart rate training platform that combines variety, efficiency and fun in one session that does not resemble any other group-driven fitness experience. Improves physical fitness, loses weight and maximizes performance at the heart rate. With the TEAMBEATS ™ professional app, coaches can program classes and very dynamic circuits based on heart rate, controlling measurements, time and music from the UNITY ™ SELF totem, all in a very easy way.
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EXCITE ™ (Cargo)

The Excite ™ collection provides you with a fully connected ward experience. The new UNITY ™ 3.0 and the new TV consoles for personalized and diversified entertainment, the newest workouts and innovative features are designed to get results in a fun and easy way.

12 Running ribbons
5 Elliptical
7 Horizontal bikes
3 Vertical bicycles
1 cycloergometer

SELECTION PRO ™ (Strength)

SELECTION PRO is a benchmark in terms of biomechanics, ergonomics, design and ease of use. And thanks to the UNITY ™ MINI, the first console connected to strength training, it will always change your way of training.

Machines for the upper part of the body
1 Abductor | 1 Adductor | 1 Biceps | 1 Triceps | 2 Pectoral, Deltoides, Triceps | 1 Wide ches press | 1 Dorsals | 1 Pectoral | 1 Shoulders, arms, rhombus, deltoid, biceps, wide dorsal and trapezius | 1 Dorsal and biceps | 1 Kneeling easy chin dip

Machines for the lower part of the body
1 Glutis, adductor, abductor, quadriceps and hamstrings | 1 Squirrels | 2 Quadriceps | 1 Horizontal press: quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings, twins and soles | 1 Lumbars and insquitibials | 1 Quadriceps, isquitibials and buttocks | 1 Gemini | 1 Deltoides and triceps | 1 Lumbar square and Holy Spinal | 1 Abs

Machines to work the whole body
2 Multipolished machines with different workplaces | 1 Machine for working all the muscles

1 Scott Bank to work biceps and forearm | 1 Bank to work the lower muscles of the back, buttocks, squats and femoral biceps | 5 Adjustable Benches

Free weight
6 dumbbell games

New spining room

40 Group Cycle bicycles

The spining room will renew bikes and equip itself with the Technogym Group Cycle range. The new Group Cycle has everything that users seek, from beginning to end: it offers an incredibly realistic feeling of pedaling on the asphalt, accompanied by a precise follow-up to live the challenge at all times. Users benefit from immersion contents and an environment that stimulates the motivation to see, listen and feel the race.
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Technogym, guarantee of quality

Energy saving

The new machines Technogym which we install will adapt to your features, with screens that allow you to personalize your workout to the fullest, living unique experiences anywhere on the planet, with more connectivity and with which you can interact with your peers. And all this with a one 40% of energy savings.

My Appwellness

You can enjoy it Mywellness an app that allows you to have your personalized training program and the achievement of your goals, both in the room and with the physical activity you do in other areas and outside the club. It also allows you to communicate online with your technician and with the rest of the club members.

The 'moves'

The 'moves' are a unit of measure of how much physical activity you do each day. And not just as an individual goal: we will consider collaborative challenges to add 'moves' for teams and clubs, some of which are global and with a solidarity component.

From now on, you will train differently!

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