Subway Basketball Tournament Children Safa Claror

UE Gaudí and Club Basket Almeda become champions of the Subway Basketball Tournament Children Safa Claror

29 of December, 2017

The UE Gaudí in men's category and Club Basket Almeda in women are the twenty-fourth rounds of the Underground Tournament of Infantile Basketball celebrated on December 28 and 29 in the runway of the Claror de Barcelona sports center.

The tournament was attended by 10 childhood teams (5 of men and 5 of women) and brought together more than 100 players and players. This year the competition system has undergone a great change, as it has been in the form of a league in which the team that has won most victories has been awarded during the tournament.
In boys, the last game of the tournament was very emotional because both Lluïsos, Safa Claror and UE Gaudí had options for victory. The outcome match between Safa Claror and Luis has opted for the latter, but his triumph has not been enough for UE Gaudí to win the title with a more favorable average basketball. In girls it has been very different and Club Basket Almeda has been far superior to the other teams that are aspiring to the title.
Other Awards
Two ball: Arnau and Jordi (Lluïsos de Gràcia) father and son
FREE throw challenge: Lluïsos de Gràcia.
Duelo de tiradors: UE Gaudí
The challenge: Philip (Safa claror)
Territorio 6,25: Pol i Bruno (EU Gaudí)
Total tournament winners: Lluïsos de Gràcia

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