champion history

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Male Female Male Female
2017 UB Gaudí Club Basket Almeda
2016 FC Barcelona CBS Barça
2015 Joventut Badalona Female Maresme 3V
2014 FC Barcelona Iraurgi Saki Ball
2013 FC Barcelona Feminine Sant Adrià
2012 FC Barcelona CB Cornellà
2011 FC Barcelona Almeda Cornellà
2010 FC Barcelona CBF Sarrià
2009 * Joventut Get up
2008 Joventut Cornellà Cornellà Safa-Claror
2007 FC Barcelona EU Mataró Catholic circle Safa-Claror
2006 FC Barcelona I. Cornellà A At the. Augusto Youth BBC
2005 FC Barcelona EU Mataró Barça 05 / 06 Viladecans
2004 Pamesa Valencia AD Alierta A Safa-Claror Room key
2003 Students University B JAC Sants Barna Group
2002 Safa-Claror University B S. Josep Bad. Basketball Llor
2001 Pamesa Valencia EU Mataró Safa-Claror EU Sant Cugat
2000 Safa-Claror Barna Group SESE Safa-Claror
1999 FC Barcelona CN Sabadell SESE Basketball Llor
1998 FC Barcelona Safa-Claror Maristes Ad. ADO Barcelona
1997 FC Barcelona Safa-Claror AE Minguella EU Huerta
1996 Safa-Claror Barna Group 7 Up Youth BBC Badalona
1995 FC Barcelona Safa-Claror Safa-Claror Safa-Claror

* Since the 2009 edition, the Tournament only has Children's category.

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