total team tournament


During the two days of the Christmas Basketball Tournament, we will also organize the Total Team Tournament that will involve the participation of parents who want it. The tournament will be held on the outer tracks of the Claror Sardenya and will include several tests:

Two ball

The team must present a minimum of 5 pairs and a maximum of 8 pairs. The participation of at least two parents and two mothers must be mixed with the players.
Rules of the game
A player will start in a launch position and his teammate in the middle of the field. When the time begins, the player with a ball will pass to his companion to throw himself into the basket.
The fellow who launches is the one to pick up the bounce, while his teammate is placed in a position to launch and wait for the pass from his teammate.
Can not throw the same player twice.
It must be thrown from all positions.
Can not be thrown twice followed by the same position.
If you get ranked in all positions, 5 points will be added to the score obtained.
It will have 60 seconds to complete the test.
The best 5 scores will be passed to the final. In the event of a tie, the most remote scored scores will be added value.

Duel of shooters

This test will be a bit different from the others and will consist of direct duels of shooters with the team that we have awarded. All the players will be able to participate, plus a father and a mother obligatorily.
Rules of the game
It will be that a player of each team is placed at the height of the free throw.
Each player will have a ball in their hands, when the two players simultaneously hit the balls with each other, they will have to shoot as quickly as possible.
The first player who manages to score three pitches will be carrying the duel of the shooters.
The best shooters in this game will be those who, get the duel with the least number of throwing basket.
In the event of a tie they will be duels to a stuck basket.

The challenge

6 players, 1 father and 1 mother will have to participate in this test.
Rules of the game
The goal will be, in a maximum time period of 60, depending on the number of positions 4 delimited.
Each player will have to take his own shots, he will not be able to receive external help.
The order of encumbering must necessarily be of the positions closest to the most distant.
It will win who gets to score the 4 marked positions.
In the event of a tie, he will win who gets it in the shortest time.

6,25 territory

In this test we will make the participants play in pairs and all the team members will be able to participate, although it will be compulsory for at least two parents and two mothers to be integrated in these couples.
Rules of the game
It will try to encotellar the maximum of three-point baskets in 15 possible attempts.
Five players or parents will be in charge of taking the rebounds during the 60 "test that lasts. Therefore, they will be a very important part of the game.
There will be 5 zones delimited by cone.
It will always begin in the 1 zone.
The last shot of each zone will have a double value.

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