Once again, we meet for these dates to celebrate a new edition of the SAFA CLAROR Tournament. This is the 25th edition and we are very proud to be able to continue organizing an event 100% total basketball.
After many years of determining performance as a priority objective within our tournament, it is the second edition in which we want to promote this collective game that is so passionate to us, from a more pedagogical perspective but without losing the essence of which means competing to the highest level of our possibilities.
In order to grow and enhance our players, we wanted to give prominence to the most relevant characters to carry out this task, our coaches. For this reason, we will carry out training aimed at our technicians and those of the other invited teams, with the intention of encouraging learning and raising the level of knowledge of those who, day by day, are worried about getting the best version of our players.
Within this new dynamics of the tournament, we did not want to forget either, of the people who are sacrificed so that our club can feed on their raw material, parents. We are well aware that they are a priority part of this project and we want this year to be a mere spectator. We want them to live once in the track together with their children. With this purpose we have developed a parallel tournament, where parents can finally choose the balance of victory for their team.
The total team, which is how we have decided to call this parallel tournament that has the purpose of promoting the existing link between parents and children in our field, in the best way we can do, through the game of basketball and its more social part and fun
In short, what we want to want is that you can enjoy three days of basketball in the pure state, which makes us forget everything, worship every second of the clock, and that this experience is integrated into our athletes as a very valuable memory within your basketball background.

Thank you very much and luck!

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