Game time
The game time of a game will have 4 periods of 10 minutes with a total of 40 minutes, with a time interval between period and period of one minute.
Between the second and third periods there will be a break of 3 minutes. At this time the teams will exchange the baskets.
If at the end of the game the result is a draw, one or many extra periods will be played as needed, three (3) minutes until the winning team is determined.
The game ball of characteristics similar to those of the Official Rules of the FIBA ​​for male competition (size 7) will be used, and for the female the intermittent ball (size 6), approved by the Assembly of the FIBA, FCBQ.
Party watch
They will be matches of 40 minutes in time run.
The match clock will not stop in any of the first three quarters, it will only stop in the last two minutes of the game and it will be philistine than in the FIBA ​​Game Rules included in the clock stop after the basket.
When the difference is 50 points the game will continue until the end of the regular game time.
The Teams
Each team consists of a maximum of 12 players and a minimum of 8.
Alignment rule
The alignment rule is as follows: all team players must have performed at least 10 minutes and a maximum of 30 minutes, except in cases of injury, disqualification or having committed 5 personal fouls.
Any breach of the alignment rule, including the fact that a team plays with fewer than five players with others available, may result in the loss of the game due to a violation of the rules governing the game.
There will be no restriction on substitutions.
Temps morts
Each team will have two (2) dead time per match and one (1) for an extra period, with the limitation of not being able to request more than one (1) during the same period.
The front-runner service rule applies to the last two minutes of the match.
Rule of the 8 "and the 24"
The 8 rule will be applied "to move to the front row in every match.
The passivity regulations apply. When the referee identifies passivity (it is understood by passive game when the team with possession of the ball does not try to get a throw in the basket), will start the account in a visible way, will count 10 "to perform a launch
Illegal defense
It will be understood by illegal defense any defense in zone.
Both of them are allowed. 10.3. The decision on the type of defense used is solely of the referee.
The illegal defense will be sanctioned with a (1) free throw and possession of a ball in the middle of the field by the team contrary to the one who committed the infraction of the rule.
The referee will punish this offense with the same signal that is used in the Official Rules of FIBA ​​for 24 "possession violations, but doing the gesture with both hands at the same time.
This infraction will be recorded in the minutes of the match with a Z in the minute box to drag points.
Three point basket
The basket of three points will apply as well as in the Official Rules of the FIBA, with the launch line of three points at 6,25 m. away
Jump between two
The rules governing the jump between two of the Mini-Basketball Rules will be applied.
All periods will begin with a jump between two.
Computer equipment
Two free throws will be released, when a team surpasses the fourth lack of equipment in each of the 4 periods. For the extra periods the last period block will be accumulated).
Closure of the result
When the difference is 50 points that penalty will be the final result of the match, the scorer will stop scoring the points obtained.
From the moment when the minutes are closed by 50 points difference, the game will continue to apply the clock stop rule of the Mini-Basketball Game Rules.

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